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My next book, Clara’s Wish, will be available in October, 2014 at bookstores and online!

The story begins with Zack bringing his ill sister home for her sake only, he has no desire to go back home, a place he feels he can’t live up to, and to a family he’s sure don’t want any part of him. Lizzy has been preparing for a man she thinks she’s never met before but soon finds out it’s her friend, Clara’s brother, who left his family to live a wayward life.

The story ends after Rebecca slowly sees the good in Zeck and can’t deny her feelings for him, realizing her standards were unrealistic and needs to look inward concerning her prideful ways. Zeck remembered Lizzy the bossy girl that every boy liked anyway because she was so pretty, except him, until now once he sees the change in her heart when he tells her about his past.




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Beth’s Mississippi Mud Pie on Amish Wisdom

Posted at Sep 2, 2014 1:37 pm

Just a couple of days before we announce the winner of my book Runspringa’s Hope!


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