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I had two books released last year and will have a couple this year. Love’s Abundant Harvest and The Choice will be out this year as well. If you read any of the of the books, I would love to get your thoughts about the story.

In Love’s Abundant Harvest I had a great time creating Sweet Pea, the nosy horse who continued to stroll over to Lucy’s house. She seems to like Lucy, and knows how to get the couple together.

The Choice brings Fanny into the story where she spends time with the Doctor who left the community, but gets caught up into going back to his Amish Community to assist due to the amount of babies delivered and needs Fannie’s help.

I hope you enjoy the read!




Will setback and loss help Lucy learn the true meaning of Christian fellowship?51hf3bpIl+L

When a fire takes Lucy’s livelihood and the life of her overbearing husband, she is on her own with a baby on the way. Overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of the farm, she doesn’t know where to turn. She and her mamm don’t get along so when Lucy has complications with the pregnancy, she goes to stay with her grandmother. There, she feels safe and meets Manny. He finds Lucy’s shy and gentle ways appealing, but accepting love and affection comes hard for her. Will spending time with her grandmother’s wise friends teach her the true meaning of Christian fellowship and love?


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FYI Lewisville Library Bookfair has been changed to
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